ABRA 200

Standards: EN 14700: E Fe 15, AWS A5. 13: E FeCr A 1, (DIN 85550:E 10-UM-60-GRZ)

Description: Rutile coated high recovery electrode used to weld highly wear resistant overlays at machinery parts which is exposed to abrasion wear.

Base Material: Mild steels, low alloyed steels, casts and high-manganese steel

Applications: Hardfacing of molds, agitator blades, dredger teeth, guidance, slides, components of hoisting devices which are exposed to heave abrasive wear in combination with moderate impact

Hardness: 60 – 63 (HRC)

Weld metal composition [wt-%]:

C Cr Fe
Min 4,7 32
Max 5,2 35 Bal.