Our People

Our people are the gatekeepers of distinctive know-how and experience who have the most critical contribution to our business growth.

The Engineering and Technical Department

The Engineering and Technical Department is responsible for the Design, Planning and Implementation of all our Hardfacing projects from Wear Plates Production to Workshop Fabrications. Our Technical Department’s profound knowledge of service conditions of worn components enables us to make accurate recommendations about the welding method and welding consumables for exceptional component service life and to meet and exceed the equipment’s original performance. Experienced top-class Engineers, along with certified welders, are one of ERGOTEM’s many competitive assets.

The Procurement Department

The Procurement Department’s role is the most critical to ERGOTEM’s operations as it ensures that the highest standards are met at the very first stage of the production process. Responsible for purchasing the highest quality raw materials and handling them throughout the production process, our Procurement Department ensures that all our suppliers comply with ERGOTEM’s own policies, as well as international welfare and environmental guidelines. Effective stock management allows ERGOTEM to be competitive in the global market, increases our customers’ benefit and allows us to meet our waste management targets.

The Accounting and Finance Departments

The Accounting and Finance Departments are responsible for financing and the control activities of the company.
The Human Resource Department is responsible for the payroll, benefits and the training of ERGOTEM’s workforce in the main offices and project sites.

Human Resources

Human Resources are ERGOTEM’s most valuable and strategic asset and the main source of the company’s competitive advantage. Allocated in distinct business sectors, our people are committed to exceeding your expectations and offering top class customer care.

The Commercial Department

The Commercial Department is the key link between our clients and our Technical Department. It receives input from our clients, analyses their needs and evaluates closely with the team of Engineers, in order to provide the best solution. The Commercial Department is also responsible for expanding ERGOTEM’s client portfolio, securing its presence in existing markets and strengthening its global presence, in addition to forming new partnerships and export oriented marketing initiatives.