Corporate Citizenship

Responsible practices and procedures ensure that ERGOTEM’s activities are conducted with the outmost respect for the environment, as well as the communities in which it operates.

Corporate citizenship signifies taking all necessary steps to maintain a safe, healthy and fair workplace for all our employees and contractors, promoting environmental sustainability, respecting and promoting local communities, and maintaining high ethical standards in our global operations. We are convinced that by managing our business in a sustainable way, we increase the possibilities of delivering strong financial and operational results.

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Environmental Sustainability

The Hardfacing business itself promotes sustainable business efficiency, allows for a more prudent use of resources and promotes cost savings.

Environmental sustainability is an inherent part of our company and is integrated into our vision. ERGOTEM is committed to create a key and constructive role in addressing the challenge of climate change; both by reducing its own carbon footprint and by creating high performance, energy-efficient end products, which minimize waste and secure sustainable & efficient operation practices.

The company’s operations have been certified with the relevant certification including: ISO 14001: 2004 ‘ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’ by TUV INTER CERT.

Safe Workplace

Ensuring that our employees and contractors return home from work safely every single day is ERGOTEM’s top priority.

We are committed to ensure excellent working conditions according to latest safety standards for our employees and contractors. Our journey towards safety excellence is integral to our business operations, and is represented in our health and safety policies, standards and working procedures.

We aspire to become the health & safety benchmark for our suppliers, contractors and partners globally. Working towards this goal, ERGOTEM has adopted a Health & Safety Management System consisting of principles of management of change, and reviews and audits, which are based on the industry’s best adopted practices.

Working towards this goal, ERGOTEM has been certified with the relevant qualification: BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 ‘HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’ by LL – C CERTIFICATION

Community Ethical behavior

Ethical behavior is intrinsic to our business operations. Every major business has an impact on the societies and the communities in which it operates. Accordingly, ERGOTEM contributes to the local and regional economic development in multiple ways. We believe that business must operate in an ethical way, which respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates value for the society in which the Company operates.

Business Ethics & Code of Conduct

At ERGOTEM we promote honesty, integrity and transparency in our operations from the side of our employees, suppliers, contractors and other business counterparts. Our ethical orientation is clearly stated in the company’s Code of Conduct.