Quality Assurance

Product Quality Control

ERGOTEM has established and follows all necessary procedures in order to assure that the highest quality and working safety standards are met throughout all production and project implementation stages. All ERGOTEM’s products are developed, produced and tested according to the highest quality standards in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.


For us it is of paramount importance to ensure the highest quality standards are in place throughout the supply chain. All our raw materials are supplied by certified companies and are accompanied by all necessary certification and analysis reports prior entering our production facilities. Quality controls procedures are implemented from the minute raw materials enter our factory before they are used on our production lines.


Every product that comes from our production line is tested and certified in our in-house laboratory facilities. Striving for excellence, ERGOTEM focuses on constantly improving its products, exceeding customers’ needs, ensuring and maximizing the quality of its products while constantly monitoring the products’ performance against competition and maximize life span of equipment under challenging working conditions on sites of applications.


To achieve this, ERGOTEM regularly invests in new quality testing equipment to enhance the Quality Control procedures. Our full range of testing equipment includes advanced spectrometer for chemical composition analysis purposes, hardness testing equipment in Rockwell C, microscope with digital output for image analysis and all additional equipment needed for sample testing preparation processes.


Our full range of Quality Control Equipment includes:


Raw Material Testing Equipment (Ferro alloys)

  • Particle-size measurement control
  • Humidity level concentration


Wear Plates Testing Equipment

  • Metallographic preparation equipment for cutting small specimens in appropriate sizes for micrographic observation with maximum cutting diameter of Φ100mm
  • Metallographic preparation equipment for grinding and polishing small specimens of Φ30mm. Before examining the microstructure in Light Optical Microscope (LOM), the surface of the materials needs to be mirror-like
  • Hardness testing equipment (Rockwell C)
  • Arc-Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Optical microscope with contemporary HD 5 MP camera for image capturing
  • Image Analysis Software for identifying the different phases in the microstructure, editing and measuring the size and the content of primary carbides & matrix
  • Abrasion testing equipment ASTM-G65 Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel abrasive test machine, according to ASTM Standards, measuring the volume loss of the materials caused by abrasion.
  • Analytical Balance of 0.0001 gr precision for weighting the material before and after the abrasive test, as well as the sand for determining its moisture content.