We thrive in a culture of respect, inclusion and diversity. At ERGOTEM, we have made a conscious effort to build an equitable environment and a diverse team. We recognize that our people give us the competitive edge and have the most significant contribution to our business growth. In this direction, we work to ensure that our workplace is a safe and respectful environment where our people develop and excel.

Why ERGOTEM Hardfacing?

  • Safe Workplace: Work safety is integral to our operations; there is a continuous and unconditional commitment by personnel at all levels.
  • Diverse Team: Demonstrating diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees is a top priority of ERGOTEM. We always operate in a culture of teamwork of mutual respect and understanding. Healthy teams mean engaged employees and a vibrant workplace culture.
  • Flat Organization Structure: We grant responsibility and freedom at all levels. Decision making is present through all positions in an effort to boost personal initiative, employee commitment and autonomy.
  • Exposure to diverse functions: ERGOTEM offers the opportunity to its employees to move and grow into various business groups and roles in order to increase internal knowledge and mobility. When the need arises, our employees are very effective and efficient in completing diverse tasks outside their standard responsibilities.

Current Job Openings:

No current job openings