Wear plates

ABRAPLATE®, ERGOTEM’s bi-metallic wear plate, is a unique chromium carbide overlay plate on a mild steel base. Its excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties ensure extended service life of equipment, while reducing maintenance costs.

ABRAPLATE® is produced by a unique and versatile automatic bulk welding method, using the highest quality raw materials offering superior wear resistance & high durability versus mild steel as verified by ASTM G65 testing. Our fully automated production method and our quality control procedures secure a product with homogenous chemical analysis and hardness throughout the clad overlay.

The base material used is mainly S235JR steel which allows the end product to be easily welded & formed in complex structures. Other steel qualities can be used as base plate including stainless steel, AR and other special steel qualities which are required in specific applications according to customer needs.

Plates and fabrications have excellent wear resistance performance and are easily installed on various types of equipment, extending their lifetime, while offering cost-efficient protection. ERGOTEM’s design, manufacturing and fabrication expertise guarantees increased return on wear investment and thus peace of mind.

ABRAPLATE® Characteristics:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance quality (25 times more durable vs. mild steel verified by ASTM G65)
  • Uniform hardness and chemical composition
  • Tough Austenitic Matrix supporting hard Carbides
  • Good Heat Resistance up to 500°C (932°F) for AB 200 quality and greater than 600°C (1112°F) for AB 400 high temperature quality
  • Flat and smooth surface
  • Very good fusion to the base plate with minimum penetration
  • Easily welded due to the mild steel backing base plate
  • Cold formed to shape
  • Internal rolling diameter down to 250mm
  • Low dilution of the alloy
  • Versatile dimensions and thickness
  • Very competitive pricing

Wear Plate Qualities


AB 200 Wear resistant plate against high abrasive wear applications

Chromium carbides

58-62 HRc
AB 200+B Wear resistant plate against severe abrasive applications with extra hardness

Chromium carbides, Borides

62-65 HRc

Abrasion & Impact

AB 300 Wear resistant plate against abrasion and moderate impact applications

Chromium & Niobium carbides

57-59 HRc
AB 300-NB1 Wear plate for high resistance against abrasion and moderate impact applications

Chromium & Niobium carbides

58-60 HRc
AB 300-NB7 Wear plate against abrasion and moderate impact applications

Chromium & Molybdenum carbides

>56 HRc
AB 350 Wear resistant plate against severe abrasive applications

Chromium & Molybdenum carbides

56-58 HRc
AB 200+V Wear plate for high resistance against abrasion and medium to high impact

Chromium & Vanadium carbides

60-62 HRc

Abrasion in High Temperatures

AB 400 Wear resistant plate against severe abrasive wear at elevated temperatures (>600 °C)

Chromium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Vanadium & Tungsten carbides

54-58 HRc
AB 300+B Wear resistant plate for high resistance against abrasion (approximately up to 450 ͦC)

Chromium carbides, Borides

62-64 HRc

Hardfacing Patterns

ERGOTEM’s wear plates are offered mainly with straight longitudinal welding beads. Some special applications where material is flowing against equipment in irregular direction require for wave welding pattern (zig-zag shape) for extra protection.

Available hardfacing patterns include:

  • Straight Longitudinal Welding Beads
  • Wave Welding Beads
  • Customized partially Welded pattern (upon request)

Dimensions & Thicknesses:

Standard Format
Standard plate sizes from stock
Base Plate Clad Area
1500 x 3000 mm 1400 x 2950 mm
1250 x 2500 mm 1150 x 2450 mm
Special Format

1000 x 2000 mm900 x 1950 mm

Base Plate Clad Area
2000 x 4000 mm 1900 x 3950 mm
1000 x 2000 mm 900 x 1950 mm
2000 x 3000 mm 1900 x 2950 mm
Base Plate
Thickness mm
Thickness mm
3 3 to 4
5 3 to 4
6 3 to 6
8 3 to 10
10 3 to 17
12 3 to 18
15 3 to 20
20 3 to 20
Overlay thickness ≤ 6 mm: one layer,
6mm: two layers and
12mm: three layers
Minimum overlay applied: 3mm
Maximum overlay applied:
18mm in 3 layers
*customized base plate
thickness upon request