Its excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties ensure extended service life, while reducing maintenance costsIn Mining and Open Cast Mining applications parts and equipment are exposed to excessive wear, abrasion and impact conditions. By utilizing ERGOTEM’s ABRAPLATE materials, the service life of the equipment is extended, downtime gets minimized and maintenance costs get significantly reduced..

Typical applications include: Truck Bed Liners, Dozer Liners, Wear Strips, Earth Moving Equipment, Hopper liners and screens, Buckets, Chutes, Conveyors, Screens, Screw Conveyors


ERGOTEM has extensive experience with Coal and Lignite fired power production plants.
Coal and Lignite are highly abrasive materials that can aggressively wear plant equipment.
The Power Generation industry is a vital and challenging industry which constantly focuses on high productivity. Downtime can be extremely costly and therefore needs to be minimized at all costs. Our hardfacing products are used extensively throughout Europe’s power generation plants minimizing their maintenance costs while prolonging their equipment’s effectiveness.

Typical applications include: Beater Bars for Lignite Mills, Coal Mill Liners, Baffle plates, Mill Linings, Piping & Elbows, Silos, Lignite Burners, Square to Round chutes, Lignite Injectors, Hoppers


Cement industries and production installations are subject to extreme wear caused by abrasion and erosion forces. There are several production stages that are characterized by extended wear including crushing, pulverizing, transporting, and mixing of erosive materials which takes place in some cases also at elevated temperature environments.
ERGOTEM is an approved supplier in the vendor lists of the industry’s well-known OEM’s for wear resistant materials and fabrications.

Typical applications include: Separators, Ventilators, Chutes, Mill Linings, Cyclones, Cement Mill parts, Pipping and elbows, Crusher parts, Grinding , Tables, Fans


ERGOTEM’s ABRAPLATE material is widely used in these industries where materials are highly processed such as in coking plants, blast furnaces and sintering plants. Our solutions provide a long service life from the handling of raw materials to the furnaces and the casting plants which are faced with extensive tear and wear.

Typical applications include: Separators, Ventilators, Chutes, Mill Linings, Cyclones, Cement Mill parts, Pipping and elbows, Crusher parts, Grinding Tables, Fans.


Glass and Paper industry is a very demanding environment for wear resistant components. Over the years, ERGOTEM has developed products and applications suitable for the current contemporary recycling procedures. Due to increasing environmental protection considerations, this industry is developing at a fast pace which makes wear resistant solutions and hardfacing protection even more relevant.

Typical applications include: Knifes, Crushers, Screens, Shredding tools and equipment, Screw conveyors


Abrasion accounts for 40-50% of farm equipment wear. This is the outcome of the engagement of metal tools with sand, soil and rocks. In combination with the increased operating speed of new equipment nowadays, such hardfacing applications have become even more demanding. Engineers quote ‘doubling field speed, quadruple wear on parts engaging with soil and vegetation products’, ERGOTEM offers industry specific solutions to tackle these challenges.

Typical applications include: Trenching Tools, Ploughing, Soil preparation, Scrapers, Subsoilers, Wear Strips and pads.